Product Lines

We are proud to represent the following principals.


AEMC Instruments

Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment including Megohmmeters, Power Quality Analyzers, Ground Resistance     Testers & Current Probes

Transformer Winding Hot Spot Temperature Monitoring System

A Leading supplier of meter socket adapters for electric KWh meters.

Peak Demand, Inc.

Peak Demand specializes in products for electric utilities and manufactures a variety of overhead distribution equipment like insulators and protection devices, as well as current transformers for relay and metering applications.  


Creative Software Solutions & Analytics for the modern power utility

Power Quality Recorders, Analyzers& Fault Level Monitor

Meter Socket Adaptors, Load Devices Capacitor Monitoring Solution

Wildlife Protection Products for Bushings, Insulators, Lightning Arrester, Voltage Regulators, Cut Outs, Buss Bars and Conductors

Solid State Instruments

 Reliable pulse isolation products

PVDT-600 Volt Precision Voltage Dividing Transformer System for increasingTechnician Safety & increasing Lightning Resistance

PVDT-600 Volt Precision Voltage Dividing Transformer System for increasing Technician Safety & increasing Lightning Resistance